Midwife, Family Doctor, or OB

Questions to Ask your Midwife, Family Doctor, or OB

For Pregnancy:

  1. Can I schedule a ‘no obligation’ interview with you before making the decision of a care provider?
  2. What tests/procedures do you routinely recommend during pregnancy? Are they optional?
  3. What books, media and other informational support do you provide for your patients?
  4. What childbirth education classes do you prefer? Why?
  5. Do I see you personally at every prenatal visit?
  6. Are there any circumstances that would require my care be transferred to someone else?
  7. Do you refer to complementary health practitioners, such as massage therapists, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc?
  8. What are your expectations of me?

For Childbirth:

  1. How do you support patient birth preferences/plans?
  2. For what reasons would you recommend artificial labor induction? What methods would be used?
  3. What doulas have you worked with? Who do you recommend?
  4. What are your personal birth statistics…vaginal births, cesareans, VBAC, spontaneous, induced, epidurals, etc?

For Postpartum:

  1. When will I see you after my baby’s birth?
  2. How many of your patients breastfeed, as recommended by AAP? Are breastfeeding at six weeks? Six months?

Additional Considerations:

  • Make sure you receive concrete, definitive answers to your questions.
  • “Differentiate between facts and feelings”. You need facts and evidence, not opinions.
  • “Know it is Never to Late to Switch”. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with your care provider, consider finding someone who makes you more at ease.
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