Questions to Ask Your Doula


  1. What is your role as a doula? How do you support differing birth plans?
  2. How does the doctor, midwife, nurse and other birth team members react to your presence?
  3. What do you think the partner’s role should be during labor and birth?


  • Tell about your experience with birth…Cesarean birth?…Unmedicated?…Epidural?…VBAC?
  • How often do we meet before & after the birth? What do we talk about? Availability?
  • Back-up arrangements?
  • Additional services offered…Breastfeeding?…Photography?…Postpartum support?…Other?


  1. What is your fee? What does it include? Payment arrangements? Is there a signed contract?
  2. Are you certified? By who? Continuing education required to maintain certification?
  3. Recent references?