Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor

For Pregnancy:

  1. What techniques/method do you use?
  2. How often are adjustments necessary for an average pregnancy?
  3. Do you have special equipment to accomodate a pregnant body?  Do you enjoy
    working with pregnant women?
  4. Can you provide references from past and present patients?
  5. What additional services do you provide…acupuncture, massage, nutritional?
  6. What certifications do you have? Any specialties?
  7. Are fees defined before treatment begins? Are you insurance approved?

For Postpartum:

  1. What postpartum treatment plan do you recommend?
  2. How soon and how often does the average mother need to be treated after birth?
  3. Are there any additional services to promote faster recovery?

For Newborn:

  1. Do you treat/adjust newborns? Does the average baby need to be treated after birth?
  2. Are you taking new patients?
  3. Can you treat both mom and baby at same appointment?
  4. What techniques do you use for a newborn?
  5. Have you had extra study in the care of infants? Are you certified?